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5 Tips for Winter Camping

Winter camp is a type of accommodation that can cause serious problems if you are not careful. One of the most important issues in winter camps is that your winter camping equipment should be complete and enough. If your winter camping equipment is not sufficient, your body resistance may decrease at nights because of the freezing cold. The location of your winter camps, which require a lot of attention and precaution, is as important as the equipment you need to have with you. Here is the most important Tips for Winter Camping…

5 Tips for Winter Camping

5 Tips for Winter Camping

Tip 1: Camping Mats

The first thing you need to do is to prevent the cold coming from the floor of the tent. Lay a foam mat under your floor mat for extra protection. The thicker your mat is and the higher the floor is, the farther you will be away from the cold.

Tip 2: Sleeping Bags

Make sure you buy your sleeping bag to fit your size. The gaps in a large sleeping bag will cause you to feel cold. Always keep your face out while sleeping in a sleeping bag. If you put your face in the overalls and breathe in that way, your breath filled into the overalls will turn into moisture and cause you to feel cold.

Tip 3: Position of the Tent

Especially in windy weather, camping brings some difficulties. Secure your tent to the ground to protect it from the wind. For this, pitch stakes to the ground and tie your tent to these stakes with flexible ropes.

Tip 4: Benefit of Sunlight

For a winter camp, the heat we get from the sun is also very important. Having your camp on the south-facing sides will allow you to more benefit from the heat you get from the sun.

Tip 5: Prevent Moisture

Do not cover the tent’s ventilation slots. Even if you are cold, take care to keep these compartments open, just like in a sleeping bag, the accumulated air will turn into moisture, so keep the vents open.

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