Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester

I guess there is no one who does not know the taste of Turkish food. Another assertive restaurant in Manchester has joined the businesses that contribute to Turkish flavours, which have both vegetable and meat content and are famous for having excellent tastes together. I would like to share with you my impressions of Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester that we have been to celebrate a birthday in the past weeks.

Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester

The Best Turkish Restaurant in Manchester

First of all, the first thing you need to know is that you absolutely had to make a reservation. Although we went on a weekday, the restaurant was quite crowded and many people who did not have a reservation had to return. The staff are alway very polite and caring. They take good care of you when you ask for suggestions about the dishes.

As a Turkish, I know that Turkish cuisine is a cuisine that includes meat dishes as well as vegan options. As if to prove this, Etçi Mehmet has equipped his menu with delicious salads and mezzes. After we decided on the special mezze plate, we preferred to have Turkish meatballs and lamp chops. All of them were yummy. Also I want to remark that some dishes are accompanied by a fire show. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t forget to check out the video below 🙂

All the dishes we tried were really delicious. In fact, this was the best Turkish restaurant among all Turkish restaurants I tried in the UK. When the main course over, it was time for my favorite part, dessert. We choce baklava, which is the most well-known Turkish dessert. Baklava had been served in a slice and with vanilla ice cream between two layers. One portion baklava is easily enough for two people.

And lastly, I would like to talk about the prices. The prices are slightly above the UK average, but considering the quality and taste of the products used in the dishes, it’s definitely worth it. For those wondering, you can find the restaurant’s menu and prices here.

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