The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

In order to observe the real life of British, it is necessary to get away from big cities like London and visit the countryside. When you visit these villages, some of which are really small, you will get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and feel at peace. If you are in England only for touristic purposes, I suggest you get away from London and see a few villages. It gives you the opportunity to observe the real life of the British people in these villages. So which villages should you see? Here are The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

When you say village, don’t think of getting away from civilization. The thing that surprised me the most in these villages was that there was a social life even in villages with 10-20 houses. There are all kinds of opportunities from cafeteria to pub, from school to theater. When this is the case, most people prefer to live in villages, as it is safer and is no different from metropolitan cities.

Bibury, Cotswold


Located in Gloucestershire, this lovely village has brought many famous names to the whole world since its built. One of them, designer William Morris, described Bibury as the most beautiful village. Located in the center of St. Mary’s church and the streets along the river that runs along the edge of the village have a fairy-tale look.

Portree, Isle of Skye


Located in a natural bay on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, Portree is also the most important and largest center of the island. In addition to being a port town, it can also be described as the heart of the island culturally.

Mousehole, Cornwall


It’s not common for a village to be named Mouse Hole, isn’t it? Mousehole, which resembles a labyrinth of narrow and winding streets surrounded by stone houses, is one of the villages I would like to see most in the near future. Especially in the summer months, many beaches in Cornwall influxes with local tourists. This village is one of them.

Beesands, Devon


Beesands, a small fishing village, is very popular during the summer months, as you can imagine. The village, which is famous for its long sandy beach and local delicacy, fresh crab sandwich, is about 5 hours from London by train.

Portmeirion, Wales


Located in a private forest area in North Wales, Portmeirion was built as a holiday resort by British architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, who is famous for his interesting designs. The village, which is completely different from the rest of England with its Italian-style cobblestone roads and colorful houses, combines many styles from Classical Baroque to Mediterranean style.

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