Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Marina Bay Sands Hotel surrounded which has a magnificent city view on a side and Gardens By the Way that fulls of every shade of green on other side, has 2,600 rooms and on the 57th floor a pool consisting of three sections.

When Dreams Come True: Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Personally I’ve never stayed a hotel that has 2 thousand 600 rooms before. The angle you see when you lift your head and look up as you get in the hotel is not enough to cover them all. I heard that the hotel is more than 200 meters above ground. We stayed at this hotel as invited and therefore we paid nothing, but the price of per night is around $280. One of the most well-known features of the hotel is its casino has an annual profit of 5 billion dollars. Also famous for being the casino as the most money spent in its construction, after the City Center in Las Vegas.

We were able to stop by the casino just one night because we spent time to enjoy at the pool. There’s a passport control at the entrance of the casino and large bags such as backpacks and travel bags are not allowed inside, except for ladies’ handbags. They did not say anything to let me in my clutch bag in which I carried my wallet, passports and mobile phone, and they checked our passports and let us go inside.

On the other hand, they did not let a friend of ours who were staying at the same hotel enter the casino. The reason for this is that she has an Iranian passport. My friend, who gets in all casinos in Las Vegas, was not admitted to the casino due to an agreement between Singapore and Iran, the official said.

And the pool that is the famous all over the world… The pool, which is located on the 57th floor and consists of 3 separate sections, is called infinity pool. Indeed, when it is in the pool, it seems as if it extends into infinity. You must be staying at the hotel to use the pool. Like many swimming pools, it is not open to use people from outside. At the entrance, you have to have your room card scanned on the turnstile. Afterwards, you can take your free towel and you can dive into the magnificent city view in the pool. (If you are not staying at the hotel, you can only go to the pool floor by paying 16 dollars but you cannot use the pool)

The view here is really amazing! But the depth of the pool is only 1 meter 20 cm. I have no idea why this pool, which is the world’s largest outdoor pool, is not deep. The pool is open until 12 am. I suggest you enjoy the view both day and night. If you want to have more detailed information about this hotel, you can watch my Youtube video below.

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