• Etci Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester

    Etรงi Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester

    I guess there is no one who does not know the taste of Turkish food. Another assertive restaurant in Manchester has joined the businesses that contribute to Turkish flavours, which have both vegetable and meat content and are famous for having excellent tastes together. I would like to share with you my impressions of Etรงi Mehmet Steakhouse Manchester that we have been to celebrate a birthday in the past weeks. The Best Turkish Restaurant in Manchester First of all, the first thing you need to know is that you absolutely had to make a reservation. Although we went on a weekday, the restaurant was quite crowded and many people who…

  • The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

    The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain

    In order to observe the real life of British, it is necessary to get away from big cities like London and visit the countryside. When you visit these villages, some of which are really small, you will get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and feel at peace. If you are in England only for touristic purposes, I suggest you get away from London and see a few villages. It gives you the opportunity to observe the real life of the British people in these villages. So which villages should you see? Here are The 5 Most Beautiful Villages in Britain The 5 Most Beautiful Villages…

  • Travel Tips

    5 Tips for Winter Camping

    Winter camp is a type of accommodation that can cause serious problems if you are not careful. One of the most important issues in winter camps is that your winter camping equipment should be complete and enough. If your winter camping equipment is not sufficient, your body resistance may decrease at nights because of the freezing cold. The location of your winter camps, which require a lot of attention and precaution, is as important as the equipment you need to have with you. Here is the most important Tips for Winter Camping… 5 Tips for Winter Camping Tip 1: Camping Mats The first thing you need to do is to…

  • Hotels

    Marina Bay Sands Hotel

    Marina Bay Sands Hotel surrounded which has a magnificent city view on a side and Gardens By the Way that fulls of every shade of green on other side, has 2,600 rooms and on the 57th floor a pool consisting of three sections. When Dreams Come True: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Personally I’ve never stayed a hotel that has 2 thousand 600 rooms before. The angle you see when you lift your head and look up as you get in the hotel is not enough to cover them all. I heard that the hotel is more than 200 meters above ground. We stayed at this hotel as invited and therefore…

  • The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World
    Travel Tips

    The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World

    In this post, we would like to mention about The Most Beautiful Swimming Pools In The World that will fascinate those who see. These swimming pools have also magnificent nature and city views. Marina Bay Sands Located on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore, this pool is one of the most popular on the list. It is essential to stay in the hotel to use the pool, which has a magnificent city view. Like the hotel pools in many countries, you cannot use by paying from outside. If your goal is not to swim but to watch the view, this pool is the right choice.…

  • Places to visit in Cambridge

    Places to Visit in Cambridge

    When we created a one-day gap in our work calendar last week, and when this gap coincided with my birthday, we immediately said, let’s throw ourselves to a nearby city and not spoil our tradition of celebrating every birthday in a different place. We had seen Oxford before, finished every places to visit in less than a day, and we were a little bored. This time we said let’s discover Cambridge and we went off. I have arranged a list about places to visit in Cambridge for you. Places to Visit in Cambridge Cambridge is a university city, located 45 minutes by high-speed train, 1.5 hours by regular train or…

  • Places to Visit in Eastbourne

    Places to Visit in Eastbourne

    Eastbourne is a charming coastal town located in the southeastern coastal region of England. The town, which you can reach after a 1.5 hour train journey from London, is also very suitable for day trips. Although it is possible to complete the list of places to visit in Eastbourne in one day, if you want to swim or sunbathe, I recommend you to stay at least for 1 night. Places to Visit in Eastbourne Eastbourne is a quiet and peaceful place, famous for its Victorian-style houses and hotels on the coastline. It is preferred because it is not as expensive as London and it is easy to reach from London.…

  • Giethoorn "Venice of the North"

    Giethoorn “Venice of the North”

    Giethoorn “Venice of the North” The reason I chose this place was to get rid of the noise of the big city chaos we were in all year. The most known feature of this village is that not having roads. As you can see in the photo above, transportation in this village is provided by boats in the canals. There are bridges for pedestrians, but cars are definitely not allowed for transportation. When people want to go to the restaurant or market from one end of the village to the other, they use their boats that they have tied to their doors. Here is the details about Giethoorn “Venice of…



    In the past weeks, England was boiling. As such, everyone wanted to throw themselves somewhere on the seaside. In the country where there is a cold and rainy weather, I always ignored the information such as where to go to the sea and which beach is more beautiful. In this post, I have compiled THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN THE UK for you and even experienced some of them. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN THE UK Assuming that not everyone lives in London, I did a research across the country and compiled the best ones. First of all, I start from a magnificent beach, where I had the chance to…

  • Europe's 5 Top Budget Bus Companies

    Europe’s 5 Top Budget Bus Companies

    Transportation is the most difficult issue for those who travel frequently and want to see other European countries. Since the majority of European countries are close each others, the bus can be a good choice from time to time. So which are the Europe’s 5 Top Budget Bus Companies that you can choose for an affordable journey? Let’s start with Megabus, which is growing in popularity every day in Europe. Europe’s 5 Top Budget Bus Companies Megabus Megabus is the cheapest and affordable option to travel between Western European countries. Not a joke, you can find a ticket for 1 Euro if you book early. Some stops can be far…