Free Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the most popular destinations with its small historical houses, unlimited freedom, multicultural structure and famous nightlife.Β Wondering what are the free things to do in Amsterdam, which has the title of city that has more bicycles than people?


Free Things to do in Amsterdam

First of all when it comes to Amsterdam, entertainment, nightlife and freedoms come to mind. But all of these are almost money-based.My first advice comes to those who spend all their budget on airline tickets and hotel reservations and are looking for free things they can do.


Canal Tours

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Amsterdam is the channels that are beautiful in all seasons. The first thing you can do free of charge in Amsterdam, which is the only place where you can see more channels from Venice, of course, is the canal tours you can do by foot.  These canals, which are also on the Unesco world heritage list, can be toured by the walking paths beside them and you can sit and relax along the canals.


Flower Market

There are certainly colorful tulips among the first things that come to mind when it comes to Holland or Amsterdam. If you want to buy a bunch of flowers while visiting the Flower Market in Singel, of course, you have to pay, but the smell of these beautiful and colorful flowers is completely free. Do not return without visiting the flower market, which will also be a beautiful stop for photography lovers.


Cannabis College

Impossible not to mention marihuana when we say Amsterdam.  If you visit Cannabis College, which aims to teach only about this plant with no profit, you can get information about coffee shops etiquette, hemp making, and use of hemp and even experience products.  If you want to try and don’t know where to start, this institution will benefit you.

Jazz Concerts

Did you know that some classical and jazz music concerts on Wednesday at noon on Concertgebouw are free? In this place where you can watch chamber music ensembles sometimes composed of young musicians, jazz dancers and improvised performances, all screenings are free on a Monday of every month.

City Archives

It is possible to find detailed information about Dutch history and hidden treasures in the city archives of Amsterdam. Even you can find Anne Frank’s police report on bicycle theft in 1942. In this unique archive which allows history lovers to visit for free, will have a good time even if you don’t need to spend 5 cents.

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