Giethoorn “Venice of the North”

Giethoorn "Venice of the North"

Giethoorn “Venice of the North”

The reason I chose this place was to get rid of the noise of the big city chaos we were in all year. The most known feature of this village is that not having roads. As you can see in the photo above, transportation in this village is provided by boats in the canals. There are bridges for pedestrians, but cars are definitely not allowed for transportation. When people want to go to the restaurant or market from one end of the village to the other, they use their boats that they have tied to their doors. Here is the details about Giethoorn “Venice of the North”


Get to Giethoorn

Getting from Amsterdam to Giethoorn is very easy. Take the train from the city center or the airport and get off at the Steenwijk stop. After this stop, you can reach Giethoorn by bus number 70. You have to get off the bus from Hollands Venetie stop. When you get off at Hollands Venetie stop and walk straight, you will reach the center of the village. There is a restaurant with the same name just opposite that stop. If you wish to have a delicious meal, you can also choose this restaurant.


We stayed at a really nice hotel called Giethoorn. A very clean and tiny hotel right next to the canal. There is no reception, you can check in from the check-in kiosk. The nightly rate of the hotel depends on the time you go, but you can calculate the average price of £70 per night. Although the price is a bit high, the view you encounter when you open the door of your room is unique.

Accommodation in Giethoorn

Immediately after settling in the hotel, we threw ourselves out to explore the village. Since our hotel is not in the center of the village, we could come by renting a car, but it is not possible to use a car to travel. Because the last place you can go by car is the hotel where we stay. From here, you have to go on foot or by bicycle. Since the roads are very narrow along the canal, it is not a good idea to cycling.

Giethoorn Boat Hire

We decided to rent a boat to visit the village. There are rental companies along the channel. Their prices are almost the same, so you don’t have to ask them all. Not all boats are electric and go fast. We rented the boat for 30 Euros for 3 hours. Even if you say I don’t know how to use bots, they teach you in 2 minutes. Do not be afraid, the majority of the boats on the channel are novice and you are progressing in some way, even if it is multiplier. We chose a boat that was guided from the engine side and my other half had a hard time using it. Take care to rent from the boats controlled by the steering wheel.


We were 2 people on the boat, and brought our food and drinks. If you are afraid of using boots or not think it safe, you can also participate in large boat tours. Prices per person of the 1-hour tour were around 8 Euros, if I remember correctly. When we finished our boat tour, we continued our stroll in the village. Since we made a plan to spend my birthday here, we also took a look at the restaurants. There are many restaurants along the canal. We preferred Fratelli, the most famous restaurant in the village for my birthday dinner. This restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the village, and I guess this restaurant closes the latest. Everywhere in the village closes almost at 18:00 but this Italian restaurant is open until 22:30.

Giethoorn "Venice of the North"

I think Giethoorn was one of the most peaceful, calm and beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. If you are concerned about how we can go, we cannot find the way, you can download the 9292 application to your phone or use the website in this link. Giethoorn really deserves to be included in the places you should definitely visit during your travels in the Netherlands. If you want to see more about Giethoorn “Venice of the North” please click to the video below.

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