In the past weeks, England was boiling. As such, everyone wanted to throw themselves somewhere on the seaside. In the country where there is a cold and rainy weather, I always ignored the information such as where to go to the sea and which beach is more beautiful. In this post, I have compiled THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACHES IN THE UK for you and even experienced some of them.



Assuming that not everyone lives in London, I did a research across the country and compiled the best ones. First of all, I start from a magnificent beach, where I had the chance to go and see.


We had the chance to visit Bamburgh when we went to Edinburgh – Glasgow in the winter months. The reason we came here was the Bamburgh castle, which stood in all its splendor at the back, but when we saw the beach consisting of fine sand, we left the castle and thrown ourself to the beach. I shared what this beach made me feel in this Instagram photo.

Pedn Vounder

Pedn Vounder beach in Cornwall is a 15-minute walk from Treen village. The beach of this calm bay gets very narrow at certain times of the day as a result of tide. A 70-ton granite blog called Logan rock is located right behind the beach and offers a magnificent view.

Durdle Door

If you need privacy, Durdle Door on the Jurassic coast is for you. It is not easy to reach this beach, which is calm even in the hottest days of summer. This beach, which you can reach by descending from the stairs made to the cliff, opens to a clear and crystal clear blue sea protected from the wind. Durdle Door, which also hosted some clips of Pink Floyd, is located between the Bay of St Oswald and the bay of Man O’War.

Blackpool Sands

When it comes to summer holidays, Blackpool is the first place that comes to mind. It is a place where there is really crowded in hot weather with its beautiful sand beaches as it is quite fun in the summer season as a city. Blackpool sands, reminiscent of the Amalfi coast, is surrounded by pine trees. It is also possible to get a beverage service from the cafe located right behind the beach.

Whitesands Beach

One of the most popular surfing beaches in the country is this beach in Pembrokeshire. Also the largest gray seal population in the UK is there. Although the sea is a bit dangerous in this region, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you find time after the pleasure of the sea and beach, you can visit the smallest city of the country, which is St. Davids.

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