Places to Visit in Cambridge

When we created a one-day gap in our work calendar last week, and when this gap coincided with my birthday, we immediately said, let’s throw ourselves to a nearby city and not spoil our tradition of celebrating every birthday in a different place. We had seen Oxford before, finished every places to visit in less than a day, and we were a little bored. This time we said let’s discover Cambridge and we went off. I have arranged a list about places to visit in Cambridge for you.

Places to Visit in Cambridge

Places to Visit in Cambridge

Cambridge is a university city, located 45 minutes by high-speed train, 1.5 hours by regular train or car from London. As you can guess, Cambridge University, which ranks among the top 5 universities in the world, is located here. The city, which you can easily visit in 1 day, is interesting with its lush and historical buildings. Here is the Places to Visit in Cambridge…

King's College

King’s College

King’s College and Chapel, standing since 1441 and it was built by Henry VI. One of the most important structures you should see in Cambridge is King’s College. It has a stunning atmosphere with its 16th century stained glass windows and fan-shaped arches. Now that we learned from a tour guide, there is no ordinary college education there at this time. Students mostly educate on public decency and courtesy. While we were visiting the chapel, there were children from different age groups. As far as I overheard, her trainers taught children how to walk, how to greet, and shake hands at the award ceremony. This is a very different education than a typical college education.

mathematical bridge

Mathematical Bridge

Mathematical Bridge locates right next to Queen’s College, that built by Henry’s wife, Queen Margaret. There are many different stories about this bridge. The construction year of the bridge, which is said to have been designed by Newton, coincides with 20 years after Newton’s death. The famous mathematician Professor Sir Joseph Larmor was designed the bridge with just 388 nails. This number was the minimum number needed for build this bridge to survive.

fitzwilliam museum

Fitzwilliam Museum

This is Cambridge’s most famous museum and one of the top sightseeing places. The museum, which was opened in 1816, also has works by famous painters such as Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Rubens. In addition, there are Egyptian, Chinese and Greek art pieces in the museum. I also would like to add that the building of the museum is very beautiful.


Punting in Cambridge

The Punting, which I have never seen anywhere other than Cambridge, is a ride on wooden long boats called Punt. If you wish, you can participate in guided or non-guided tours. On the boat tour, which lasts for about 30 minutes, it also passes under the Mathematics Bridge. By the way, if you have a group, you can rent a punt and use it yourself. The water will not exceed the human height. We chose a guided tour and paid ยฃ25 per person.

Places to Visit in Cambridge

Cambridge is a lush and peaceful city that you can visit in a day. We just stayed a night. If you are looking for a place where you can go for a daily trip in England, it would be a good choice.

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